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About us

LTD. „Shante” is women lingerie manufacturer that started its operations in year 2001. Company is located in Latvia, in the city of Liepaja and  has considerably expanded and successfully justified its production and selling policies in the field of light industry during these years. With the help of technological equipment and investments company is able to offer a wide range of products – different styles with nuanced manufacturing and modelling qualities.

LTD. „Shante”  manufacturer offers multiple lingerie collection to its existing and future clients. Our target audience is wide range of clients with most different needs and desires, and all age groups and sizes. Our main focus is quality control of the production that is the main indicator in the lingerie industry. The best characteristics are comfort, convenient femininity, sexiness and elegance for each individual woman.

 “Company operates also on the world's market that includes Europe, Africa and Asia. Thanks to the quality and variety of the products and participation in various international exhibitions LTD. “Shante” is able to save existing clients and build new business connections in conditions of economic competition, therefore we are opened for collaboration proposals and challenges. Materials for lingerie are carefully selected only from certified European manufacturers, we cooperate with Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Latviavand many other countries that produce laces and textiles. Completion furniture is purchased in Latvia and England.

Production basis is classical cutting and lingerie models of retouched colours and affordable prices that is our visiting card. Parallely we develop a fashion line, products of this line have innovative forms, modern details, colourful materials that are united into one sensational pleasant cocktail that is offered by LTD. “Shante”. We create fashion for dressed nudity, offer push-up bras, bras with extra soft and comfortable calyx, and bigger sizes bras with thought-out and convenient construction and wide range. The range of panties will please you with different forms and qualities: thongs, shorts and panties with extended waist line for beautiful silhouette. Snood textile, dishy laces, gently caressing warmness of the lingerie, playful waves of night dresses and comfortable bodies for every woman's character and needs, and not forgetting about the comfort of the most closest to the body piece of clothing. Our team regularly works on new models development and undertakes taskworks.

The art of convenient dressing lies in the selection of the appropriate lingerie. For women with traditional world view we offer functionality and classical perfection with careful details and clear form lines.  Representatives of younger generation can select moderns intimate collections with appealing, tendencious and provocative nuances that give the feeling of celebration every day. Our main idea is to give a precise answer to the many women question about correct choice of bras and lingerie.

Newest LTD. “Shante” textile tendencies can be viewed on our web page that offers selected lingerie collection. We know that lingerie affluence is every woman's caprice and our dynamic work segment. LTD. “Shante” produces lingerie for dreams and dream lingerie with unforgettable structure and unrepeatable, professional touch.